Lee Hyo Ri’s heartbreaking post after her dog’s passing, “I feel you” 

Lee Hyo Ri expressed her feelings after her dog passed away. 

On July 15, Lee Hyo Ri posted a photo on her official Instagram along with a short caption, “I feel you,” accompanied by animal and floral emojis. 

In the picture, Lee Hyo Ri was lying on a surfboard floating on a calm sea surface. With her eyes close while swaying with the ocean, it is as if Hyo Ri was feeling her late dog, Mocha. 

lee hyori dog

Many fans and colleagues also expressed condolences to Lee Hyo Ri for losing a trusting companion.

Earlier on July 13, Pyeonggang Animal Care in Ansung said on SNS that Lee Hyo Ri’s dog Mocha recently passed away. They sympathized with Lee Hyo Ri for losing her beloved pet and thanked her for taking great care of Mocha. 

In the past, Lee Hyo Ri’s dog Mocha appeared on such entertainment programs as “Hyori’s Homestay” and “Infinite Challenge” and received a lot of love from viewers. 

Source: Insight 

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