Lee Hyo-ri Returned To Advertisements After 11 Years, Sales Skyrocket By 40%

Lotte On is enjoying Lee Hyo-ri’s effect

On October 27th, Lotte On announced that the video of their “Shopping Fantasy” commercial featuring Lee Hyo-ri exceeded 2 million views within a week of its release. As a result of analysis with internal big data programs, the amount of mention of “Lotte On” online, on sites such as portals and social media, also doubled compared to before the advertisement was released.

Lee Hyo-ri

In addition, changes were detected in related search terms searched with Lotte On. In the past, “products” and “discounts” were at the top of the search list, but recently “shopping” and “premium” claimed to the top.

As such, Lotte On seems to be seeing the effect of advertisement queen Lee Hyo-ri by raising customers’ awareness as a premium shopping platform.

With Lee Hyo-ri as their advertising model, the effect was immediately visible. Lotte On sales in the first week (16th-22nd) of their brand fantasy event increased by more than 40% compared to the same period last year, and the number of customers and buyers visiting the app also increased by double digits.

Lee Hyo-ri

In the first week of the event, beauty and fashion sales rose 30% and 50% compared to the same period last year, and the number of new subscribers for integrated membership also increased more than eight times compared to last year’s performance, which is said to be the benefits from Lee Hyo-ri’s advertising and events.

Meanwhile, Lotte On will continue its brand fantasy event until December 3rd.

Source: Insight

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