After forgiving her husband, who was related to the Burning Sun Scandal, Park Han-byul delivers good news

Actress Park Han Byul is reportedly expecting her second child + to give birth in August 

As reported by the Maeil Business Newspaper on May 31st, Park Han Byul is currently in the 7th month of her second pregnancy and is due to give birth in August. She married Yoo In Seok, former CEO of Yuri Holdings, and gave birth to their first child in April of 2018.

Park Han Byul

After suspending her acting career due to child-rearing problems, she devoted himself to running a cafe. It has now developed into a “hot spot” in Jeju. 

Park Han Byul recently started being active on Instagram again after 3 years and posted new photos to reveal her current whereabouts, drawing attention. She expressed gratitude to fans on the first anniversary of her cafe’s opening.

park han byul

According to an entertainment industry official, after getting married, Park Han Byul went through difficult times, but after overcoming them, her relationship with her husband has become stronger. She has also regained stability while living in Jeju and is satisfied with her life now. 

Source: Daum

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