Lee Dong-wook Confesses Desire for Marriage, but Deems Himself Unready for Family Life

Lee Dong-wook acknowledges he has thoughts about marriage, sharing insights on singlehood and relationships

Lee Dong-wook, ahead of the release of his new movie ‘Single in Seoul’, had an interview held on November 21 in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

‘Single in Seoul,’ set to be released on November 29th, tells the story of power influencer Yeong-ho (Lee Dong-wook), who enjoys being alone, and the publishing editor Hyun-jin (played by Im Soo-jung), who dislikes being alone, as they create a book about single life. It’s a realistic romantic comedy that resonates with reality.

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Similar to his character Yeong-ho, Lee Dong-wook confessed to being in a “single life” for a long time and said, “This lifestyle is comfortable and has become familiar. My real personality also has a carefree aspect like Yeong-ho”

Answering the question, “What is Lee Dong-wook’s real single life like?” he said, “It’s ordinary. Eating when I want to eat, sleeping when I want to sleep, watching what I want to watch. I think those are the advantages of being single.”

When asked about his dating style, he replied, “I’m gentle and not overly affectionate. I think my ideal type is someone who doesn’t require a lot of understanding from the other person.”

Talking about what he considers important in a relationship, he mentioned, “When dating, I think it’s important for humor codes to match well. Looking back, I was happiest when dating people with whom I could communicate well.”

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Having previously expressed that his “dating cells are dying” due to his prolonged single life, Lee Dong-wook said, “This time, shooting ‘Single in Seoul’ was like rehabilitation. Actually, dating is not an important part of my life. Working hard and enjoying life is important for me now.”

Regarding the question, “Do you have thoughts about marriage?” Lee Dong-wook said, “I do have thoughts about wanting to get married, but I don’t think I’m mature enough to establish a family yet.”

He also mentioned, “Even so, I can’t register with marriage information agencies or actively go on blind dates…” He added, “My life is predictable, so that’s probably why I’m in this situation right now.” 

Source: naver

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