“I’m explaining it in a nice way”… Lee Dong-wook applauded by netizens for the way he politely criticized fans who behaved inappropriately 

Actor Lee Dong-wook criticized fans who had inappropriate behaviors.

An article containing part of Lee Dong-wook’s private messages to fans was posted on the online community theqoo on August 21st.

Lee Dong-wook

The article shows Lee Dong-wook politely refusing fans’ requests for other actors’ whereabouts and photos, saying “Why are you doing this to me?”, “If you want a selfie of Bum, tell him to take it”.

Later, when the fans who asked for selfie photos said, “Are you jealous?”, Lee Dong-wook criticized, “Jealous? I guess you’re doing this because you don’t know my personality well, but why do I have to talk about another actor here?”.

He added, “You were also like this on V APP. Why are you asking me about other actors? I always try to not be jealous and explain it in a nice way to help you understand. I want to come to you and laugh and talk with you with a good heart. But why are you guys always doing this to me? I’m not angry. I’m just saying this because I think it’s time to tell you”, giving warnings to fans with excessive requests.

Netizens who saw Lee Dong-wook’s private messages commented, “I feel so relieved”, “There are thoughtless fans who ask about other members on V APP live broadcasts of idols. Now the same thing happened to actors”, “I hope fans will stop asking about other people”, “What’s wrong with them? They even asked if he was jealous”, “Lee Dong-wook said it in such a nice way”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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