Are Jin (BTS) and Solbin (LABOUM) now in a romance relationship?

Some evidences have recently been pointed out, causing a lot of controversy on many forums.

Recently, BTS and Laboum have shown up together on M!Countdown stage. Some photos were even taken and the most notable thing was that Jin and Solbin were showing signs of abnormalities. Specifically, Jin and Solbin used the thumbs and index fingers as a cue, which was different to the way other members celebrated victory.

A netizen posted: “They do not make the usual sign of victory … the two must have coordinated it in the corridor.” Some others, who also found the photos suspicious, shared: “These might come across as ‘nothing’ had Solbin not used informal language with Jin, 5 years her senior…”, “Please don’t make it obvious TT.

Meanwhile, many people who also saw the picture have thought that every thing is absolutely normal. They also commented: “This is the most ridiculous evidence I have ever seen! They are trying to be funny when deeming that this is really the evidence of a romance relationship.”, “Why are people actually being serious with these photos LMAO“.

Not so long ago, netizens showed their annoyance with Solbin and claimed that she had not respected Jin by having an inappropriate attitude towards her senior. Some netizens even began to wonder if there could be any clue to the dating rumors.

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