Han Ji Min, “Shin Ha Kyun and I are both INFP but we have different personalities… He’s not really considerate of me”

The funny talks between Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min were recently released.

On November 4th, a video titled Shin Ha Kyun X Han Ji Min The chaotic bickering bingo game of the INFPs” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of TVing.

han ji min

When asked about MBTI, Han Ji Min said, “I’m INFP”.

Revealing that her MBTI is the same as Shin Ha Kyun’s, Han Ji Min said, “He’s so different from me that I even suspect if we really have the same MBTI”.

han ji min shin ha kyun

The actress explained, “In the case of my personality, I think a lot about the opinions of other people”. She then turned to Shin Ha Kyun and said, “But he’s not really considerate of me”, drawing laughter. 

Later, Han Ji Min even told Shin Ha Kyun to retake the MBTI test.

shin ha kyun

When asked about the content she recently enjoys watching on TVing, Han Ji Min replied, “It’s definitely ‘Transit Love’”. She added, “I watched it yesterday, too. I was so immersed in the program that whenever someone on the show texted, I would say ‘Good job’, or ‘Please think carefully’”.

han ji min

Han Ji Min then asked Shin Ha Kyun, “You don’t know that?”, and Shin Ha Kyun replied, “I don’t know it is”. Han Ji Min then commented, “The way he laughs already proves it”.

yonder han ji min shin ha kyun

Meanwhile, Shin Ha Kyun and Han Ji Min starred in TVing’s series “Yonder” together. “Yonder” depicts the story of a man who receives a message from his dead wife and is invited to ‘yonder’, an unknown space where he can meet her again.

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