Lee Dong-gun Met Daughter Roa After Divorce, “What I Hate Most In This World Is Dad Getting Sick”

The upcoming episode of “My Little Old Boy” will reveal a day Lee Dong-gun spent with his daughter.

In previous episodes of “My Little Old Boy,” Lee Dong-gun expressed his infinite love for his daughter, Roa, saying that he meets Roa once a week. In the upcoming episode, Lee Dong-gun appeared to go to a mysterious place in the morning before meeting his daughter, making everyone wonder. On the other hand, Lee Dong-gun could not hide his excitement while skillfully taking care of his child’s things.

After all the preparations, Lee Dong-gun went to pick up Roa and was delighted to meet her in the apartment parking lot. Roa also expressed her happiness by saying, “I missed you dad.”

As soon as he got home, Lee Dong-gun gave Roa a present and even dressed up as a princess to please her, who has recently fallen in love with princesses, bringing a big smile to viewers’ faces. The two also made rice balls together for lunch. After eating the rice balls, Roa complimented him by saying, “It’s so delicious” and “You look like a chef,” making her father happy.

However, Roa, while was eating with her father, made Lee Dong-gun feel touched with an unexpected remark. Even show’s cast, along side Lee Dong-gun, burst into tears at Roa’s words. “What I hate most in this world is Dad getting sick,” she said to Lee Dong-gun, expressing her love for her father, touching his heart.

My Little Old Boy

The brilliant and special day spent by dad Dong-gun and daughter Roa can be found on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” on Sunday, December 10, at 9:05 p.m (KST).

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