Lee Da Hae earns 20 billion won in profits from selling buildings, “She currently owns 3 buildings in Nohyeon-dong”

Actress Lee Da Hae reportedly bought a new building with the large capital gain from the sale of a Nohyeon-dong building last year.

According to the real estate industry on June 26th, Lee Da Haesold a building in Hakdong-ro, Nohyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for 24 billion won in August last year under a corporate name.

Located in the corner where the Hakdong-ro 44-gil and Eonju-ro 130-gil meet, this building has one basement and four floors on the ground with a land area of 271.9㎡and a total floor area of 646.2㎡.

lee da hae

Lee Da Hae purchased the building under the name of Almand Company where she serves as an auditor. The CEO of this company is her mother. Since only two executives are registered under the company’s management, people in the industry assume that it’s a personal company of Lee Da Hae and her mother.

At the time of her purchase in April 2016, the price of the building was 4.68 billion won. In other words, the building generated around 20 billion won in capital gains within six years.

Won Building’s director Lee Yoo Ra explained, “It seems that Lee sold it to someone who planned to develop the building as a whole by combining it with another building behind it”, adding “I think the building unintentionally became a ‘good deal’ due to its location and was successfully sold at a high price.”

Lee Dae Hae reportedly invested the profit from this sale into another building in Nonhyeon-dong. In August of last year, she bought a newly constructed building near Seonjeongneung Station, a transfer station for Line 9 and Suin Bundang Line, under the corporate name. The purchase price was 15.96 billion won without loans.

The building she purchased this time is a newly constructed one completed in 2022 that consists of two basements and five floors on the grounds with a land area of 300.82㎡ and a total floor area of 922.31㎡.

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Currently, someone is renting the building with a deposit of 550 million won and a monthly rent of 42 million won. The building is located in a nice location near the Seonjeongneung Station, and it is predicted to attract high demand for rental since there are many IT companies in the surrounding area.

In addition to this building, Lee Da Hae is known to own two other properties in Nonhyeon-dong. In October 2014, the actress purchased a two-story building with 3.3 billion won. The building was newly constructed in 2018 and is still held under her name. Prior to that, in June 2013, she bought a room in the upscale villa known as ‘Nonhyeon La Folium’ with 2.594 billion won. It has a supply area of 491.26㎡ and a usable area of 240.03㎡.

Director Lee said, “The real estate investments of Lee Da Hae, known as a ‘big player’ in Nonhyeon-dong, are commonly located in the area near her own house and the area she knows well”, adding, “In particular, the area in Nohyeon-dong near Gangnam-gu Office where she invested has a luxurious atmosphere similar to Cheongdam-dong.”

Source: Nate

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