Unique gifts prepared by “The Glory” stars for interview reporters wowed netizens

“The Glory” actresses Cha Joo Young, Kim Hieora and Lim Ji Yeon impressed netizens with their gifts for reporters.

Actress Cha Joo Young, who recently rose to stardom with the role of stewardess Choi Hye Jung in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, brought small laughter with her pencil gifts in a recent interview. 

However, “The Glory” viewers, who are still immersed in the story, find this gift interesting yet a little creepy.

After finishing an interview at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul on March 15th, Cha Joo Young gifted the reporters pencils and cards with handwritten messages. The card contained a message in both Korean and English, which is “May the glory be with you! Always be with glory”, and Cha Joo Young’s autograph.

The pencil is a symbol of Choi Hye Jung’s tragic ending in “The Glory”. With a smile on her face, Hye Jeong, who always laughs at the misfortune of others, ended up losing her voice after getting stabbed in the throat with a pencil pulled out by Lee Sa Ra, a drug-addicted painter whose life was ruined due to a video leak.

The reporters were very happy to receive Cha Joo Young’s thoughtful gift and even took commemorative photos. Some even made the pose as if they were targeting the throats of others with pencils.

Earlier on the 14th, actress Kim Hieora, who played Lee Sa Ra in “The Glory”, also had an interview at the same place. She drew admiration from everyone by preparing postcards drawn by herself as gifts for reporters.

Kim Hieora has outstanding painting skills and she even used her own paintings in the drama. The actress, who is a non-smoker, confessed, “Strangely, I’ve drawn many pictures of smoking women”, and gave people at the interview magnets with pictures of smoking women.

During the audition for “The Glory”, Kim Hieora revealed that she can draw. This natural similarity with her character Lee Sa Ra was one of the reasons she got cast. In particular, the actress is planning to hold an exhibition featuring the drawings she made for “The Glory”.

Then, what kind of gift did Lim Ji Yeon, who played the “strongest villain” Park Yeon Jin in the drama, prepare for her interview?

After an interview at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 17th, Lim Ji Yeon gifted others jelly packs and chocolates, which are known to be her favorite snacks. Unlike her cruel character Park Yeon Jin, Lim Ji Yeon showed off her sweet side through the gifts.

Source: Nate

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