Lee Chae Eun Belatedly Opens Up about Her April Marriage with Younger Husband

Lee Chae Eun recently revealed her marriage and shared her love story with her husband, months after their wedding

On September 20th, actress Lee Chae Eun made headlines by sharing wedding photos on her Instagram, belatedly revealing her marriage. In an interview with OSEN, she said, “I considered marriage as a personal matter as an actress. It was a bit difficult to decide whether to make it public. I was also concerned about how my role as an actress might change if I were to disclose my marriage. However, I decided to go public this time, thinking it’s something I need to handle and accept. There wasn’t anything particularly special or significant about the timing.”

Lee Chae Eun

Regarding her husband, she said, “He’s 3 years younger than me. We attended the same church. He had a crush on me for 7 years at church. Initially, I couldn’t accept it because we had mutual acquaintances, but I eventually accepted his sincere feelings, which he held for a long time, and we got married.”

She continued, “So, in reality, we got married hastily. There was no dating period, but since we had known each other and spent time together for a long time, I had great trust in him. That’s why there weren’t many surprises after marriage. I think our unwavering support for each other, like sunflowers, played a significant role in our decision to marry.”

When asked about the changes after marriage, Lee Chae Eun said, “Surprisingly, there haven’t been any changes since I got married. ENA’s ‘Pale Moon’ and TVing’s ‘Cold Blooded Intern’ were already aired after my marriage. Personally, I don’t feel much of a difference. As an actress, I want to continue acting with a grateful heart, possibly until I become a grandmother.”

Lee Chae Eun made her debut as an actress in 2005 with the film ‘Another Public Enemy 2’ and gained attention in the film industry as the “Queen of Indie Films.” She also appeared in various dramas such as KBS 2TV’s ‘The Producers,’ MBC’s ‘Partners for Justice 2,’ SBS’s ‘Nobody Knows,’ and wavve’s ‘Political Fever.’ Recently, she showcased her talent in dramas like ENA’s ‘Pale Moon’ and tving’s ‘Cold Blooded Intern.’

Source: naver

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