BTS Jin, “ARMY, don’t come to the training center. It can get dangerous”

Jin, a member of BTS, sincerely requested fans not to come to the training center where he will be enlisting.

Jin (real name Kim Seokjin), the eldest member of BTS, is reportedly enlisting in the Army Division Recruit Training Center next month. Before his departure, however, he asked ARMY, the fandom of BTS, not to come to the training center. 

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In particular, on November 24th, BTS Jin said through the fan community Weverse, “An unwanted article has been published, but our ARMYs, do not come to the training center.”

He also explained the request and expressed concerns, saying, “Because there are many people besides me, it can get dangerous due to the crowd.”

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Previously, it was reported that Jin will be enlisting on December 13, and will stay for 5 weeks at a recruit training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. Media outlets also wrote that the male idol would be deployed to a front-line unit after this training period. 

Jin recently returned to Korea after performing his single “The Astronaut” alongside pop band Coldplay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While waiting for his military enlistment, the BTS member remains active in a variety of activities, from music to broadcasting.

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Born in 1992, the eldest member of BTS, Jin, was allowed to postpone his military enlistment by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in accordance with the 2020 revised Military Service Act. Back in October, Jin filed for the cancellation of his enlistment postponement, and will begin serving in December. 

Source: Nate

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