Lee Byung-hun & Yoo Ah-in’s Film ‘The Match’ To Be Screened In Theaters Instead Of Netflix? “Schedule Undecided”

There is a rumor that Netflix’s film “The Match”, starring Lee Byung-hun and Yoo Ah-in, will premiere in theaters

According to OSEN’s report on December 1st, investment distribution company ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS reportedly had the right to distribute “The Match”, which was planned to be released on Netflix.

Netflix originally planned to purchase “The Match”, which ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS was responsible for production investment and distribution, and released it globally as a Netflix original film.

The Match

However, Yoo Ah-in was involved in a drug scandal in February this year, and Netflix had not transferred money to ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS to purchase the film. Netflix planned to release it in December last year but the contract between the two sides had not been successfully signed. 

In this regard, ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS told OSEN, “We are still in discussion with Netflix”.

When asked about the release date of the film according to the results of Yoo Ah-in’s drug case, they said, “The time is still undecided because the case is still going on, and there are no discussions for it recently. A decision may be announced before or after the final judgment. We are still considering it at the moment.”

Netflix refused to answer the question, saying “‘The Match’ premiere schedule has been temporarily postponed”.

The Match

“The Match” (directed by Kim Hyung-joo) is a film about the inevitable confrontation between Jo Hoon-Hyun (Lee Byung-hun) and Lee Chang-ho (Yoo Ah-in), two legendary Go players who were teacher and student. 

Since “The Match” is considered a highly anticipated film since its production stage due to the splendid cast, it is clear that the audience will be able to watch it. However, the official release date is still undecided.

Source: Daum

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