Former EXO Huang Zitao faked a dating rumor to “media play” his new drama?

The production team of Chinese drama “New Vanity Fair” is being buried by criticisms after an extremely misguided “media play” move. 

In particular, ahead of the drama’s release, various Chinese bloggers started to publish hints about a famous Chinese star with over 80 million followers and a female producer. Such information immediately gained huge attention, and netizens rushed to speculate the identities of said Chinese star and producer. 

Afterwards, a photo of the alleged couple started to spread, and speculations went wild. However, it was later revealed that there were no dating rumors, and the photo was just a still cut from the upcoming drama “New Vanity Fair”, which stars Huang Zitao and Sun Yi. 

A dating rumor between a famous male star and a female producer gained huge attention in China

In “New Vanity Fair”, Huang Zitao assumes the role of a celebrity with over 80 million followers on Chinese SNS platform Weibo. Meanwhile, Sun Yi transforms into a female producer who has a secret relationship with said star. 

The still cut of Sun Yi and Huang Zitao that was released after the “dating rumor”

The truth of the “dating rumor” has greatly angered Chinese netizens, who express utter disappointment that Sun Yi and Huang Zitao played along with the “media play”. The two actors have messed with audiences and played with the hearts of fans, and their actions were unacceptable, these people said. 

Some even called to boycott “New Vanity Fair” all together, and predicted that the drama will fail miserably after such an unacceptable promotional move. 

On the other hand, many defend Sun Yi and Huang Zitao, claiming that since the two were simply cast members, they have no say in how “New Vanity Fair” will be promoted. The two actors were just dragged into the mess, and may not have been aware, they argue. 

hwang zitao
Huang Zitao
sun yi
Sun Yi

Meanwhile, “New Vanity Fair” revolves around Song Yang (Huang Zitao), a popular male star, who was casted for a movie due to his popularity. At the same time, the production team hired experienced actor Ding Kemang (Wu Gang) to instruct Song Yang on the aspect of acting.  

Under Ding Kemang’s guidance, Song Yang realized his passion for acting and started to pursue arts in earnest, instead of chasing after popularity. In the end, Song Yang was able to rid of his image as a “talentless visual”, and got recognition as a true talented actor. At the same time, he also has a heart-fluttering romance with female producer Ding Momo (Sun Yi).

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