LE SSERAFIM ranks among “top” Japanese girl groups “Complete performance + growth narrative”

LE SSERAFIM made their debut just two years ago and already shot to stardom in Japan. It is highly unusual to conquer the top spot in the Japanese market in such a short period, given the high loyalty to existing artists

LE SSERAFIM showed a “step-by-step growth” with each album release. Their 3rd mini album “EASY”, released on Feb 19th, set a new record for first-week sales by LE SSERAFIM themselves on the Japanese Oricon weekly album ranking. They garnered significant attention by achieving results comparable to teams capable of dome tours locally.

le sserafim

The local media also shed light on the success factors of LE SSERAFIM. According to Nippon TV’s evening news “news every.” and Fuji TV’s representative morning program “Mezamashi TV”, LE SSERAFIM’s Japanese fandom is led by Generation Z, familiar with short-form trends and firm in self-assertiveness. They pointed out that these fans view the team’s ability to surpass their limits, confident and cool female images, and continuous challenges such as Sakura’s third debut and Kazuha’s transition from ballet to K-pop as attractive points.

LE SSERAFIM possesses both the strengths of K-pop’s “complete performance” and the “growth narrative” preferred by Japanese music fans. Their choreography gained popularity on short-form platforms and captured the hearts of locals. Fans who were “captivated” by their performances transitioned into core fandom as they explored the team’s narrative and album messages.

Japanese fans particularly prefer idols who openly display their immaturity and form a bond with fans, growing together. LE SSERAFIM has no hesitation in sharing their thoughts and experiences through music. Their growth narrative, where they become stronger after trials and easily overcome challenges through constant effort, resonated well with the Japanese audience.

le sserafim

LE SSERAFIM’s healthy image and refined team branding received positive responses from over 1,020 local women. They perceived LE SSERAFIM as a “subject of admiration” influencing their lifestyle, with many saying, “Many friends watch and follow LE SSERAFIM’s strength training videos” and “A group with considerable influence among peers.

LE SSERAFIM targeted the Japanese market from their debut. When they released their debut single “FEARLESS” in Japan in January last year, the five members dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort to promotions, spending three weeks promoting locally, matching their activities in Korea.

le sserafim

Even when visiting Japan for tours, LE SSERAFIM took time to appear on TV Asahi’s music show “Music Station”, Nippon TV’s flagship talk show “Shabekuri 007” and performed on large festival stages including “Tokyo Girls Collection”, increasing their presence. They also created a fresh buzz by participating in drama theme songs and collaborating with local artists such as Ado and imase.

LE SSERAFIM’s conquest of Japan is just beginning. Expectations are high for their activities as they accelerate their popularity beyond a strong fandom to capture the local audience.

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