Lawyer Bang Jung-hyun: “We are considering pressing charges against the one who revealed Han Seo-hee’s info”

Lawyer Bang Jung-hyun, who filed a public interest complaint on behalf of Han Seo-hee, is reportedly considering pressing charges against a journalist from a media company who disclosed the real name of the whistleblower without permission.

Bang told the SBS entertainment news agency, “I have never confirmed the identity of the whistleblower at all, including myself or the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. Somehow the real names of the whistleblowers have been revealed without permission,” he said. “We are planning to investigate through which channels did they obtain and report the information about the whistleblower.

On June 13th, a media reporter reported that Han Seo-hee is the whistleblower who went against YG Entertainment.

On Friday, Han Seo-hee and her lawyer, Bang Jung-hyun, filed a report to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission regarding the alleged collusion between the YG drug scandal and the police.

In the event of a report of public interest and corruption being sent to the commission, the whistleblower can be assured of his or her identity and may request for measures to protect his or her safety.

I’m overseas,” Han Seo-hee said on Instagram after her real name and related reports were revealed. “I didn’t know my name would be known so soon. It’s true that I’m scared, but you don’t have to worry about it,” he said.

The main point of the situation is that President Yang Hyun-suk directly intervened in the case by threatening and his police collusion, but I’m worried that the media will focus on me as the only problem,” he said. “Please view this case and me as 2 separated situation.

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