Kwon Mina made an extreme choice: “Bleeding out, has undergone surgery and has not yet regained consciousness”

Kwon Mina was found unconscious and bleeding excessively by an acquaintance this morning at her house and was transferred to a nearby hospital. Currently, Kwon Mina has undergone emergency suture surgery but has not yet regained consciousness. 

On the morning of the 29th, Kwon Mina was found by an acquaintance after trying to make an extreme choice at home and taken to a hospital.

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When discovered, the former AOA member was in a state of heavy bleeding. Her acquaintance said that suddenly could not contact her, worried, so came to her house. (S)he quickly called 119 and transferred her to a nearby hospital.

Kwon Mina has currently completed her emergency suture surgery, and fortunately, her life is not affected. However, consciousness has yet to recover.

Recently, Kwon Mina has been involved in a series of controversies after she recently announced that she was in a public relationship with her non-celebrity boyfriend. She later posted her explanation and apology, announcing that they had broken up. However, the number of malicious comments from some netizens towards Kwon Mina continued, and even after the female idol posted an additional explanation and a post containing the truth about her boyfriend on SNS, the malicious comments continued. Because of this recent incident, Kwon Mina is believed to have made an extreme choice.

※ If you have troubles such as depression, or if you have family or acquaintances who are experiencing these difficulties, Suicide Prevention Helpline ☎️ 1393, Mental Health Helpline ☎️1577-0199, Hope Phone☎️129, Life You can receive expert advice 24 hours a day at phone ☎️ 1588-9191, youth phone ☎️ 1388, etc. 

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