Most loved supporting actor of Korean films in 2022: Kwak Dong Yeon appears in many blockbusters, arresting the viewers’ attention with his multiple charms 

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon saw a rise in reputation and recognition despite three supporting roles in this year alone. 

Kwak Dong Yeon first appeared on screen in 2012, making 2022 his 10th year as an actor. Dong Yeon started acting when he was 15 years, reaching the peak of his career despite a list of supporting roles. In this year alone, Kwak Dong Yeon constantly acted as a support character in three major works and would only act as the lead role in his most recent upcoming series. 

kwak dong yeon

Kwak Dong Yeon was loved for his witty and funny performance in box-office success  “6/45”. Starring alongside Go Kyung Pyo, Kwak Dong Yeon sent fans into nonstop laughter with the ironic conditions his character found himself in.  He appeared in the movie as Man Cheol, an observant who unexpectedly got involved in a lottery ticket exchange. The movie reached its climax when Man Cheol received the mission to go to Seoul to earn the prize and had to preserve the ticket in his … crotch. 

Before this movie appearance, the actor has gained considerable attention and love from the audiences through the drama series “Big Mouth” as Jerry, Chang Ho’s (Lee Jong Suk) brother by choice, who stood by him no matter what. His wonderful performance gained back support for the actor no less than those of the main couple. 

Apart from the two said films, in 2022, Kwak Dong Yeon is also playing a supporting role in the supernatural zombie-themed drama “Monstrous”. While lower in reputation, his role in the series is more challenging. The actor took on much more fury in a character with unique expressions that depart from the comedic and cheerful image of his typical roles. 

Moreover, the actor is returning as the lead character in two film projects, drama series “Gaus Electronics” and audio movie “Far East”. The former is close to its airing date while the latter still waits for an official premiere date. The two films promise to bring different sides of Kwak’s charms. 

kwak dong yeon
Kwak Dong Yeon’s image in “Gaus Electronics” 
kwak dong yeon
The actor’s image in “Far East” 

Source: K14, Mydramalist

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