Kwon Eunbi on sudden rise to fame after “Waterbomb,” “I’m so happy, summer was a good fit for me”

Kwon Eunbi shared her thoughts on receiving a spotlight after her “Waterbomb” performance. 

On August 8, Kwon Eunbi appeared in “Gayo Plaza” for an interview with DJ Lee Eun Ji. When asked how she felt being called a “Summer Queen,” the singer revealed, “I’m so happy. Because of ‘Underwater,’ I felt like summer was a good fit for me.” The actress once said she preferred winter but recently developed a liking for summer. She also added that she intended to get a scuba diving license soon

After her appearances at “Waterbomb” events, the “Underwater” singer gained a reputation for her show-stopping performances and sexy outfits on stage. The former IZ*ONE member showcased her musical capabilities along with a highly provocative fashion sense

Kwon Eunbi confidently showcases her sexiness through revealing outfits 

On SBS’s “Strong Heart League,” Kwon Eunbi revealed she got a lot of calls from people around her after the “Waterbomb” performances

The “Glitch” singer wittily said people should have contacted her earlier, drawing laughter 

Following Kwon Eunbi’s dizzying performances at the festival, the female singer was named “Waterbomb Goddess” 

Kwon Eunbi was born in 1995 in Seoul, Korea. She won a ticket to debut with IZ*ONE after competing in “Produce 48.” Before her debut, the singer was only a backup dancer for female K-pop groups

After embarking on her solo career, Kwon Eunbi unveils a bold side of herself, boasting a top-tier physique in cool, chic outfits 

Kwon Eunbi boasts a stable solo career after IZ*ONE. Also on “Strong Heart League,” the singer revealed she owed her singing career to her brother 

The “Colors” singer revealed her brother financed most of her dance classes. He was the one who helped the singer to achieve her dream when her parents were against it 

She added that her brother contributed a major part to her tuition despite an average hourly rate at work 

Kwon Eunbi said she returned the favor by paying for his wedding ceremony entirely. She also gave her parents a credit card for everyday spending. She did not want to keep the money to herself, said the soloist 

Because she believes sudden wealth gain can lead to family conflict; therefore, she usually contacts her family and stays transparent about her income and spending 

Source: instagram, top star news 

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