“Kpop sexy queen” Lee Hyori talked about running away from home after fighting with her husband

Lee Hyori revealed that she and her husband had a heated argument and Lee Sang Soon fasted for 2 days after she ran away from home.

On the recent show “Tteokbokki Brothers” broadcast on May 31, Lee Hyori shared that she once ran away from home after fighting with her husband, Lee Sang Soon.’

The singer shared: “I have money. I went to a hotel and had a good time.” When asked by Kim Jong Min about the reason for the conflict, Lee Hyori replied, “It’s not suitable for broadcasting, so I won’t reveal it.”

The guests were quite curious about whether Lee Sang Soon would contact Lee Hyori after she left, the female singer said, “He contacted me a lot. I want him to suffer a little. When I got home, I didn’t say a word and just lay on the bed. He told me to eat something but I didn’t. I didn’t talk to him for about two days.”

She continued: “I left for 2 days and he didn’t eat during that time. He said so. If he begs for forgiveness, I will let it go whether I am at fault or not. I have to win. I won’t talk about what happened after that.”

Also on the show, the singer opened up about 9 years of marriage. She said she wanted to get pregnant naturally rather than using IVF. She shared this many times on the show “Hangout With Yoo” in 2020: “Getting pregnant is not as easy as I thought because I’m old.”

Lee Hyori was born in 1979, she used to be the leader of the group Fin.K.L and was named “the sexiest queen of Kpop”. The singer married Lee Sang Soon in 2013 and secretly moved to Jeju Island before returning to Seoul in 2017. The couple’s love story was initially opposed by the audience because Lee Sang Soon was not as famous as his wife.

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