IU’s Grandpa Fan Excited by Invitation to IU’s US Concert: Best News in the World

The grandpa fan noticed by IU and invited to her concert in the US has posted a reaction video - he can’t be anymore excited. 

Previously on February 21, IU warmed the hearts of people by sharing about a grandpa fan from the US. 

iu grandpa

The grandpa constantly shared videos about his deep affection for IU’s music and Korean culture, and even asked for guidance on how to join IU’s official fanclub. 

As a result, IU posted about him on her Instagram story and even invited him to attend her concert in the US

IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, is known to have reached out to the grandpa fan publicly in the comment section of his video, cracking fans up as they had to use a new YouTube account since the comment kept getting filtered. 

Now, on February 22, the grandpa fan has published a video titled “Getting the best news in the world”, where he showed extreme excitement, clutching his chest and telling others that he’s going to IU’s concert. 

Many fans find the interaction between IU and the grandpa fan touching, and are expressing their warm feeling on SNS platforms. 

Source: Nate, YouTbe

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