BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s 1st Appearance after Plastic Surgery Rumors, Peak Visuals with Just 2 Changes.

Images capturing the first appearance of BLACKPINK’s Rosé after facing plastic surgery rumors have garnered huge attention. 

On the morning of April 15, Insight reported that BLACKPINK’s Rosé recently visited the pop-up store of a luxury cosmetics brand. This is also the first appearance of Rosé after facing plastic surgery rumors. 

In front of the camera, Rosé dazzled fans with her captivating beauty, which can be described as her “peak visuals”. Wearing a flattering mini dress, the BLACKPINK member showcased her prominent bust and slim waist. On social media, these images of Rosé have garnered huge attention, with related posts receiving a high number of interactions.

Contrary to the previous rumors of plastic surgery, however, netizens mostly believe that Rosé’s beauty has reached its peak this time thanks to 2 changes: weight gain and a new makeup layout and hairstyle. 

Previously, Rosé mostly followed a dull makeup style and had the same hairstyle for every. Therefore, fans are now delighted that BLACKPINK’s main vocalist has undergone suitable styling changes, with some even speculating that this is because she has separated from YG and now has her own team.

rose blackpink
Rosé’s chic curly hairstyle contributed to enhancing her allure 
blackpink rose
The female idol’s beauty has reached its peak thanks to her weight gain as well as makeup and hairstyle change 
rose blackpink
Rosé looks like she came straight out of a magazine photoshoot 

On the other hand, a few days ago, Rosé was suddenly embroiled in plastic surgery rumors after appearing at a high-end event in Japan. However, fans quickly shared a series of photos as evidence that the female idol did not undergo cosmetic surgery.

Regarding Rosé’s somewhat different appearance, fans explained that the BLACKPINK member changed her makeup style. They also shared comparison photos of the beauty in the present compared to 2023 to prove that the structure of Rosé’s face has not changed at all. 

In addition, fans also posted photos showing Rosé using eyelid tape to accentuate her eyes, without any “plastic surgery” involvement as rumored. Alongside this, many netizens affirmed that the female idol used suitable makeup techniques to “transform” her nose to look more delicate.

rose blackpink
A few days ago, Rosé was involved in cosmetic surgery rumors due to looking different at an event
rose blackpink
However, when comparing past and present images, it’s easy to see that the singer’s facial structure has not changed at all. Fans said that Rosé looks somewhat different because she has recently changed her makeup style.
rose blackpink
Additionally, in close-up images of her face, it’s not difficult to notice that the BLACKPINK beauty is using eyelid tape to accentuate her eyes.

Source: K14, Insight

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