Korean netizens praise stars who celebrated the National Liberation Day of Korea this year

Many Korean stars received compliments from netizens for joining the celebration of the 78th Liberation Day anniversary.

Korean celebrities commemorated the Liberation Day of Korea on August 15th in their own unique ways through SNS.

On the 15th, BIG BANG member G-Dragon posted a photo of the Korean flag with the caption “We celebrate the 78th national liberation day of Korea”.

Girls’ Generation member & actress Seo Hyun revealed a proof shot of her visit to Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Memorial Hall and said, “Thank you for protecting the country. Hurray for the independence of Korea! 8.15 National Liberation Day of Korea”.

On this 78th Liberation Day, actress Song Hye Kyo and Professor Seo Kyung Deok of Sungshin Women’s University donated guidebooks to historical places related to the Korean Independence Movement in Hawaii. The two have steadily donated Korean guidebooks, signboards and relief works to 34 Koren historical sites remaining overseas for 12 years. 

Park Bo Gum posted on his SNS account a photo of him wearing his navy uniform taken during his military period. The actor added the message, “National Liberation Day. Hurray for the independence of Korea! Hurry for the Republic of Korea. Thank you and we’ll never forget this day”.

Kim Hee Sun uploaded a photo of the Korean flag and said, “The day we regained our light. I will never forget it”.

Song Il Gook released a picture of the triplets Daehan, Minguk and Manse. He shared, “Today is National Liberation Day. Spring 2018. This photo was taken when we visited Yi Jun Peace Museum in Hague. Hurry for the Republic of Korea”.

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Releasing a picture of the Korean flag he drew himself, Code Kunst expressed his sincere heart, saying “When I was young, I wanted to become a person who is good at drawing the Korean flag so I drew it a lot but I still can’t draw it like this. Today is the 78th anniversary of the Liberation Day. Thank you for allowing us to live a life where we can see beautiful and cool things as well as think and express our ideas freely.”

Sandara Park changed her SNS profile to a picture of the Korena flag, while the crossover vocal group Forrestella made a post to mark the 78th anniversary of the Liberation Day on their official account.

Apart from the mentioned celebrities, many other stars, such as Park Bo Young, Lee Chung Ah, Kim Hyang Gi, Han Seung Yeon, Dex, DinDin, Song Ga In, etc., also posted Korean flag photos on their social media to commemorate this special day.

In addition, many stars with great influence in Japan also received applause from the public as they proudly celebrated the Liberation Day of Korea. Since K-pop and K-content are expanding around the world, some express regret over the reality that some celebrities tend to be cautious in their actions and words in consideration of Japanese fans’ reactions. Therefore, Korean netizens are enthusiastically showing support for stars who confidently express their gratitude on the National Liberation Day of Korea.

Source: Daum

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