LE SSERAFIM Yunjin questioned Korea’s obsession with blood type

As she came from the US, LE SSERAFIM Yunjin expressed her confusion on why Korea cares so much about blood type.

On May 7th (Korean time), Huh Yunjin and Sakura of LE SSERAFIM appeared on the YouTube program “PSICK Show”, published on YouTube channel “PSICK Univ”. 

Here, the two female idols revealed that their MBTIs (personality type) are INFJ (Yunjin) and INTP (Sakura). Upon hearing this, however, MC Kim Min Soo said, “But you know… I can’t understand how people are divided into just sixteen types.”


He then mentioned blood type as a “more accurate way” to tell personalities, leaving Huh Yunjin completely perplexed. 

In particular, the female idol, who came from the US, is not familiar with the “blood type personality”, which is popular in some Asian countries, specifically Korea. “Oh, I think THIS was a cultural difference for me,” she exclaimed.

On the other hand, other MCs explained that blood type never changes, and has a huge impact on personality. For instance, since Yunjin has blood type B, she should be bright and hot-tempered, while Sakura, who is type A, is shy, considerate, and caring. 

Hearing the MC’s analysis, Huh Yunjin even appears to be convinced, providing prompt reactions. 

Source: VKR 

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