Korean Media Explained The Lacking Points Of ‘Sweet Home 2,’ “Only Thing Memorable Thing Is Song Kang’s Abs”

TenAsia posted an article about the criticism towards “Sweet Home 2”

The season 1 of “Sweet Home” laid the groundwork for Netflix’s global success. Now it’s back with season 2 after three years, but viewers’ response is cold. Viewers were distracted by the missing screen time of the main characters in season 1 and the introduction of unattractive new characters, and the drama’s existing charm was lost as the plot follows the path of those zombie movies that we had seen before. As a result, fans joke that only Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook‘s abs on koki are the only memorable things. This is why harsh criticisms are pouring out on “Sweet Home 2.

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In particular, the problem starts from episode 4. In the story that unfolds after about a year, Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook’s scene time is shortened and replaced by Jin-young and Go Min-si’s. On top of that, numerous new characters, including numerous military personnel and people living in stadiums, appeared, but they gave no sense of individuality. In season 1, the residents of Green Home Apartment each had their own strong characteristic and viewers became interested in their relationship, but season 2 couldn’t keep up. It may be the groundwork for season 3, but by the end of season 2, there were too many characters whose reasons for their existence were unknown.

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It was good that it showed an expanded view of the drama’s universe, but at some point, the monster plot was pushed back and it became a human-to-human fight, and season 2 was no different from the zombie and disaster movies we had seen so far. In addition, the deaths of season 1’s main characters, including Lee Si-young and Park Kyu-young, were also too futile.

While the main characters of season 1, including Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, and Lee Si-young, showed off their presence even in a short amount, Kim Shin-rok, Yoon Se-ah and Hong Soo-joo, who joined season 2, did not show anything compared to their screen time.

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