Korean Fans React Strongly to aespa Karina’s Dating News

Contrary to the positive reactions of non-fans and international fans, many Korean fans of aespa’s Karina have expressed disapproval regarding the news of her dating

Under the hashtag #유지민은봐라, Korean fans of aespa’s Karina voiced their disapproval of the idol dating actor Lee Jae Wook while her career is on the rise, especially when aespa is preparing to make a comeback. Some criticized Karina for going on dates without wearing a mask and getting caught.

There were over 6k comments (mostly negative) under aespa’s newly released video yesterday.

Some of the comments under the video include:

  • “This is legendary. It’s not like she has debuted for 10 years, yet she couldn’t resist and started dating. That’s professionalism for you.”
  • “Celebrities who say they don’t have free time are all liars.” (T/N: Karina’s line on Youngji’s show).
  • “Reading the comments from fans feels different… I’m not a fan, but occasionally I cheer for aespa. Considering Karina’s seniority, it’s weird to see her admitting such a relationship, but I don’t have any hostile attitude. But reading the comments from fans here, I think they feel differently. I don’t understand why they feel so sad… Of course, I’ll be disappointed if she’s my bias, but I’ll be really sad if she’s hated, but I can also understand fans’ disappointment. I just feel bad ㅠㅠ”
  • “It’s sad when MY keeps trying to push for New-ae-I-Le, while clearly from the beginning, it’s only New-I-Le.”
  • “When she debuted, Karina was bashed a lot because of rumors, and she stood up for herself. Now with Yoo Jimin, a boyfriend not even 30 days, is more important.”
  • “And now I will continue to see the name that I don’t want to see… It’s really a difficult issue.”
  • “aespa just announced the release of a full album, now what is this… it’s laughable”
  • “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they crazy to try to delete comments here like this? Staff, just deleting fan comments won’t solve the problem.”
  • “An idol’s boyfriend is like bugs found in a meal at a restaurant. Everyone vaguely knows something, but once they truly know what it is, they can never resist it anymore.”
  • “NingNing attended Milan Fashion Week right after the Tokyo Dome concert ended and sent a Bubble as soon as she returned… Hope she succeeds more… Winter also had a long livestream during Chuseok holiday…”
  • “Those two must be wearing rose-colored glasses and living in their own world, while fans are watching in the dark. Jimin-ah, you like romantic movies, right? I don’t even need to watch any romantic movie after you announce your dating news. If you don’t want to see a sad ending, then think wisely and end it nicely.”
  • “Meanwhile, Minjeong did a livestream for us during the Lunar New Year holiday ㅋㅋ”
  • “K-pop is a business, and we can’t do anything about it, we all know this. But her releasing a video saying “I love you” to fans while ignoring rumors, it’s unacceptable… Is she trying to go against fans?”
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