Korean court made a shocking revelation about the vote manipulation scandal of ‘Idol School’

After this information was revealed, Korean netizens asked the girl group formed from Idol School to quickly disband.

Following the series “Produce 101”, “Idol School” is also another Mnet survival show that is accused of manipulating the final results.  And recently, the identities of the victims at “Idol School” were revealed by the Korean court.  And this case makes the audience even more shocked than what happened with Wanna One, IZ*ONE, or X1.

Idol school

On June 10, a trial was held at the Seoul Central Court for CP (production director) Kim Tae Eun of “Idol School” as well as the head of the planning and production department “Kim”  by Mnet.  Kim Tae Eun was sentenced to 1 year in prison. Meanwhile the head of the planning and production department “Kim” had to pay a fine of 10 million won for inciting others to commit a crime.

The survival reality show “Idol School” aired on Mnet in July 2017. The show intended to debut a girl group through a “professional education” format.  A total of 41 trainees participated, and they were instructed by “teachers” in various fields for 11 weeks.  9 members selected through the votes of the audience finally debuted together as the girl group fromis_9.

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In September 2019, “Idol School” was suspected of manipulating audience votes, similar to the case of “Produce 101”.  By July 2020, CP Kim Tae Eun and head of planning and production “Kim” were charged with fraud and obstruction of business.  The investigation results also showed that 3 fromis_9 members debuted thanks to voting manipulation. Thereby, it means that 3 trainees have been unfairly eliminated.

In the case of IZ*ONE, they eliminated 2 trainees from the debut lineup even though the vote results were enough to put them in the top 12. But now, what happened to fromis_9 also is a bigger shock to the audience.  The one who could not debut with the group is the contestant who took 1st place.

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Lee Hae In was announced at 11th in the finale even though all previous episodes she was in the top 9

At the trial that took place on June 10, the court specifically mentioned the case of contestant Lee Hae In.  According to what the investigation agency has confirmed, Lee Hae In received the highest number of votes from the audience. But, CP Kim Tae Eun wanted to remove her as thinking she did not fit the image of the group.

The above information sparked a wave of anger in the Korean online community. Many people asked fromis_9 to quickly disband.

Source: tinnhac

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