Korean actors who get hate in China (ft. Jang Nara, Lee Min Ho, etc)

Lee Min Ho – Jang Nara – Song Hye Kyo are Korean actors who are ‘implicitly banned’ in the Chinese market

So far, many Korean actors have chosen to enter the Chinese market to expand their careers. Among them, there are stars who are popular in their homeland but are still ‘implicitly banned’ in China.

Jang Nara – Get criticized for just one statement

Ageless actress Jang Nara used to be very popular in China. When she just moved to China to work, she was invited to play the main role while Liu Yifei only took on a supporting role in that film.

jang nara

Besides, the drama My Bratty Princess (2005) starring her and Alec Su has attracted a lot of attention. Her ancient costume was later said to be more beautiful than Ju Jingyi.

Besides, Jang Nara was the only foreign actor invited to participate in the traditional song of the Beijing Olympics (2008).

jang nara

However, a year later – 2009, she was ostracized for saying: “Every time I lack money, I always go to China to work”. The actress’s statement at that time made the Chinese audience extremely angry.  After that, even though she apologized, Chinese TV stations, producers, and audiences turned their backs on her, which led to her career going downhill.

jang nara

Jang Nara apologized for the money-related statement, but still did not receive forgiveness from the Chinese audience.

Later, Jang Nara returned to Korea and soon became famous when participating in a number of TV projects: The Last Empress, Fated to Love You, Vip,… It is said her decision to enter the Chinese market many years ago was the worst decision of her life.

jang nara

Song Hye Kyo was accused of having a celebrity disease

Song Hye Kyo is one of Korean actresses with the highest recognition and biggest fanbase in China. She has joined the cast of several Chinese films namely “The Grandmaster”, “The Crossing” alongside A-listers of China’s entertainment industry such as Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung, Huang Xiaoming, and more. 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo in “The Grandmaster”

Having attracted plenty of fans and earned great opportunities in China, Song Hye Kyo also stumbled into a controversy over her attitude. She was accused of having a celebrity disease. During her schedules in China, Song Hye Kyo was said to have made excessive requests such as staying in the presidential suite with 8 bodyguards on duty 24/24, traveling in a bulletproof car, not meeting reporters,…

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo in “The Crossing”
Song Hye Kyo

Lee Min Ho asked for too high a pay 

Top actor Lee Min Ho dominates the ranking of most popular Korean actors in Asia almost every year, but in China, he once faced criticism.

lee min ho
Like Song Hye Kyo, Lee Min Ho was criticized for “celebrity disease” in China 

Specifically, Lee Min Ho came under controversy over asking for too high a salary and many other requirements.  This caused him to get called out by Chinese media outlets on having a celebrity disease and overestimating his impact. Perhaps this explains why Lee Min Ho rarely participates in acting projects and commercials in China. 

lee min ho

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