Kim Yu-na and Son Yeon-jae, both met their true love during their 2nd public dating relationships 

As both Kim Yu-na and Son Yeon-jae are “sports fairies” of South Korea, the entire nation focuses on their love relationships. 

Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na will get married in October. Her prospective spouse is Forestella’s Ko Woo-rim. The two first met on the occasion of the 2018 All That Skate Ice Show celebration stage. After three years of dating, they finally decided to tie the knot. 

Ko Woo-rim’s agency Beat Interactive said on July 25th, “Ko Woo-rim and Kim Yu-na will get married in October.” Kim Yu-na’s management company All That Sports also said, “Kim Yu-na will light up her harmony with vocalist Ko Woo-rim in Seoul in late October.” 

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Amid a shower of congratulations from all over the country, the two will get separated at the same time as they get married. This is because her husband-to-be, Ko Woo-rim, has not yet completed his military service. He must get enlisted to finish his military duty before July 10th next year when he turns 28. 

Ko Woo-rim is Kim Yu-na’s 2nd public relationship. The figure skater admitted her first public relationship with hockey player Kim Won-joong in 2014. However, Kim Yu-na was also under fire after it was revealed that Kim Won-joong had gone to a massage shop without permission while serving in the military. 

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Former gymnast Son Yeon-jae also bears fruit from her second public relationship. Her lover is a nine-years-older non-celebrity. The two, who had been dating seriously since the beginning of this year, reported their high-speed marriage in just a month. 

On the morning of May 28th, Son Yeon-jae’s agency, Next Euphoria, said, Son Yeon-jae will marry a 9-year-older non-celeb in August.” 

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Son Yeon-jae’s first public relationship is Choi Jong-hoon, a former member of FT Island. The two, who met through the introduction of an acquaintance, said they had been dating for about three months in June 2017. However, they broke up less than two months after admitting their relationship in public. 

Choi Jong-hoon was involved in the Burning Sun Gate case of Seungri in 2019. Son Yeon-jae, who was not related to her ex-boyfriend’s crime, but was still heavily affected by the case. 

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The public’s special affection and interest towards sport stars are as hot as other celebrities because they are seen as heroes who has shone on behalf of the country. Unlike celebrities with a fixed fan base, they are loved by the nation, so their love and marriage news also have a significant impact. 

Love and separation are experienced by everyone, but theirs are more “special” because they are “stars.” Heartfelt congratulations and support are pouring out to these star athletes who have been hurt by numerous romantic rumors, including their previous public relationships.

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