FIFTY FIFTY Suddenly Withdraws Exclusive Contract Injunction Appeal: Is the Breach of Contract Settled? 

FIFTY FIFTY has reportedly withdrawn the appeal they filed against the dismissal of the injunction to suspend the effect of the exclusive contract

FIFTY FIFTY has changed their legal representation to a law firm based in Barun and submitted the withdrawal of their appeal.

Last June, FIFTY FIFTY filed an injunction to suspend the effect of their exclusive contract with their agency, ATTRAKT. The court rejected all the members’ injunction requests and sided with the agency. However, the members immediately appealed and expressed their determination to continue with the main lawsuit.

Furthermore, they recently established social media accounts and wrote posts targeting ATTRAKT and its CEO, stating that they would expose everything that had damaged their health under surveillance and control. They also warned against insulting the members using unfounded tampering frames.

In the midst of this, FIFTY FIFTY has suddenly withdrawn their appeal against ATTRAKT. Now, the focus is on whether this signals a move towards reconciliation between both parties or if FIFTY FIFTY members have given up on their legal dispute.

Source: daum

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