Kim Tae Ri shined in Italy among global “Handsome Top Stars” at Prada event

Actress Kim Tae Ri exuded a captivating visual alongside top stars as she attended a Prada event in Italy. 

Recently, Kim Tae Ri, who is currently active as an ambassador of luxury brand Prada, attended the designer house’s Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show, which was held in Milan, Italy. 

On the same day, Kim Tae Ri appeared in a black knit top and a gray mini skirt adorned with unique details, showcasing an elegant sense of fashion.

kim tae ri

In particular, the actress’ captivating gaze while facing the camera against the photo wall exudes her immense charisma. At the same time, her superior facial features and lovely beauty also garnered attention.

Among various celebrities present, Kim Tae Ri was seen with renowned Japanese actor Sakaguchi Kentaro, British actor Louis Partridge, Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chinese actor Li Xian, and American actor Taylor Zakhar Perez. The actress’ presence at the fashion show alongside these well-known stars proved her global influence.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri recently made a comeback to the small screen with the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Revenant”. 

kim tae ri

“Revenant” is described as a Korean occult mystery series, in which a woman who got possessed by a devil and a man who can see the devil uncover a mysterious death. As she takes on the lead role of Gu San Young, Kim Tae Ri is receiving massive attention. 

During the production presentation for “Revenant”, Kim Tae Ri mentioned her character Gu San Young, and said, “One similarity I felt with her was that although I don’t think very specifically about the future, I walk forward firmly. However, all the other characters I have portrayed were stronger than me.” 

The actress also expressed her unique affection for “Revenant” while mentioning the scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee, saying, “I remember when I first received the script, rather than when I heard the explanation from the writer. It felt interesting, and the material felt fresh.”

Source: Nate 

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