Kim Seon-ho regained smile through “Touching The Void”… “My thoughts changed a lot and became healthier”

Actor Kim Seon-ho expressed his feelings ahead of the final performance of the play “Touching The Void”.

On Sep 25th, a video titled “The moment Kim Seon-ho wants to cherish for the rest of his life |  His feelings about the last performance of ‘Touching The Void'” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the agency Salt Entertainment.

On this day, Kim Seon-ho directly expressed his feelings 3 days before the final performance of the play “Touching The Void”. Kim Seon-ho said with a smile, “It was the happiest and most healing performance I’ve ever done before. I became a lot healthier and I was happy by being surrounded by good people. I feel kind of sad.”

He added, “The most memorable moments are when everybody makes a mistake. But because we’re all actors, we all go along. And I also almost fell down. Those memories are the dangerous moments, but they’re most memorable.”

kim seon ho

He expressed his gratitude towards the audience and fans, “I can’t really spot the audience, but sometimes I can meet their eyes and see them. When I see them laughing along or crying along, I feel really thankful and touched by the thought of us being together.”

In particular, Kim Seon-ho, who said he was physically tired, confessed, “Rather, I feel more tired if I don’t move. I exercise on my days off to gain physical strength, grow muscles and endurance. So I think I’m used to it.”

kim seon ho

Kim Seon-ho talked about his role as Joe Simpson in the play, “It’s really like a big present to me. It was a masterpiece that I’ve never thought of, with a great role. And as I acted the role of ‘Joe Simpson’, my thoughts changed a lot and became healthier.” He shared, “Thank you so much for coming often to see our actors and performances, and coming to see us through hard steps. I am touched and thank you so much.”

Source: naver

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