Kim Rae Won’s “The First Responders” to air as the follow-up to Nam Goong Min’s drama… Will he be able to emerge as a strong candidate for SBS Daesang?

Kim Rae Won fills the vacancy left by Nam Goong Min. 

SBS’s Friday and Saturday drama “The First Responders” will take over the baton of SBS’s “One Dollar Lawyer”, which left a great disappointment in the viewers as it ended early. Expressing his confidence in the new drama, Kim Rae Won, who returned to SBS 6 years after “Doctors”, which made a big hit as it exceeded 21%, said, “I hope it will be remembered as the best drama in 2022”. 

the first responders

“The First Responders” depicts the heartwarming story of the team, consisting of police officers who catch criminals, firefighters who catch fires, and people whose hearts beat for each other. The drama was written by Min Ji Eun of “Partners for Justice” and directed by Shin Kyung Soo, who created “Nokdu Flower” and “Six Flying Dragons”.

Above all, “The First Responders” is drawing attention as the comeback work of Kim Rae Won, who achieved 21.3% with “Doctors” (2016). In this new drama, Kim Rae Won will play the role of Jin Ho Gae, a “detective to the bone” who catches criminal at once, and show off his charms through action scenes. 

Kim Rae won

“The First Responders” is raising high expectations since the work has been confirmed to have Season 2 in 2023 following Season 1, which will air this year. Kim Rae Won shared, “I hope it will be remembered as the best drama in 2022”, showing his confidence that this new drama will be able to surpass the highest rating of “Doctors”. If “The First Responders” succeeded in exceeding 21% as he wishes, this will be the highest rating record for SBS dramas this year. Currently, the highest viewer rating is 15% recorded in the 8th episode of “One Dollar Lawyer”.

In particular, as “The First Responders” is the last SBS drama in 2022, expectations for the drama to be nominated at year-end awards ceremonies are also high. It is because Kim Rae Won might be nominated for the Grand Prize together with prominent actors, such as “Through the Darkness” Kim Nam Gil, “Again My Life” Lee Joon Gi, “Why Her” Seo Hyun Jin and “One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong Min.

Kim rae won

However, the competition is too fierce to relax. The work that “The First Responders” is about to face is JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Reborn Rich”, starring Song Joong Ki. Although “The First Responders” will start one episode before “Reborn Rich”, the challenge is to overcome the big wall set by Song Joong Ki, who is known as an actor who guarantees box office hits.

Attention is focused on whether Kim Rae Won will be able to emerge as a strong candidate for the Grand Prize in recognition of both his work and acting skills, and how Kim Rae Won, who will take over Nam Goong Min’s baton, will lead the “The First Responders”.

Source: Daum

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