CEO Min Hee Jin prepared special friendship necklaces for NewJeans: “Only 4 of this in Korea”

Girl group NewJeans received “friendship necklaces” as gifts from Min Hee Jin, the CEO of their agency ADOR. 

On December 26th, Min Hee Jin posted a video along with the caption, “Finally, my gift is presented.”

The released video shows CEO Min Hee Jin and NewJeans members exchanging gifts at a Christmas party. Here, Min Hee Jin gave NewJeans members a “friendship necklace” each, towards which the members expressed their happiness and called them “romantic”. 


Then, Min Hee Jin drew attention by explaining that there are only 4 produces in Korea, and that there is no place to import them. 

Finally, Min Hee Jin talked about the gifts she received from the NewJeans member, saying, “Hanni prepared Christmas hair pins for everyone. I can’t believe Danielle suddenly proposed to me by making roses out of wrapping ribbons. These puppies.” 

newjeans danielle

The atmosphere at the party was extremely warm, moving the hearts of fans. 

Meanwhile, New Jeans’ new song “Ditto”, which was released on December 19th, is triumphing over various Korean music platforms, foretelling another hit following the girl group’s debut album. 

Source: Nate

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