Kim Nam Gil gets embarrassed as the children don’t recognize him even after watching his dramas “It’s because I’m not wearing makeup”

Kim Nam Gil had a great time with the children of Jiri Mountain

The Sep 15th broadcast of MBC’s “Got to Leave Something” showed actors Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Nam Gil’s bike trip.

Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Nam Gil went on different paths to record photos. Kim Nam Gil took pictures not only of his destination but also of various places along the way.

In particular, he chased the children and asked them to be models in order to capture the children’s cheerful appearance. He talked to the children’s parents on the phone, explained the situation and received permission.

The children searched for Kim Nam Gil on portal sites and watched dramas in which he appeared. They showed reactions such as “I saw this“, “I only saw Cha Eun Woo” and “Why is his face different?“, causing laughter as they did not recognize Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil got embarrassed, saying, “I’m drenched in sweat right now, so (my face) will be different no matter what I do“, “It’s because I’m not wearing makeup” and “I have to work harder.

Source: Daum

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