Kim Jun-su “I almost debuted as the youngest group with Super Junior Eunhyuk”

“Mystery Duet” Kim Jun-su revealed that he was in the same elementary school with Super Junior Eunhyuk and actress Choi Yoon-young.

kim junsu mystery duet

Singer Kim Jun-su and actress Choi Yoon-young sang “All For You” on MBN’s entertainment program “Mystery Duet”, which aired on Oct 24th.

kim junsu mystery duet

Upon checking their faces, the two greeted each other with a friendly handshake, saying, “It’s been a long time.” As the two burst into laughter in embarrassment, Lee Juck said, “I’m really curious about what’s going on between them.” Park Kyung-lim expressed her excitement, “First of all, this combination is very exciting. I have a feeling that they’re well suited.” She made everyone laugh by guessing, “I’ve seen Jun-su since his debut, but I’ve never seen him shake, miss the lyrics and miss the beat. At least she’s his first love.”

kim junsu mystery duet

The photos released afterwards are elementary school graduation photos and middle school photos. The two have been close friends since elementary school, including Super Junior Eunhyuk.


Choi Yoon-young recalled, “We worked together in the dance team. Jun-su and Eunhyuk were active in a group called SRD, which stands for ‘Song Rap Dance’. They were famous not only in Ilsan. They even appeared in newspapers. From then on, I knew that they would debut because they were so good. I was happy to see them debut.”

kim junsu mystery duet

When asked about the meaning of “appearing in newspapers”, Kim Jun-su explained, “As the youngest group, we were going to debut before RYANG-HYUN RYANG-HA, but we ended up disbanding when we were in 6th grade of elementary school.”

Source: Nate

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