Kim Jun-su and Lovelyz’s Kei, who are 8 years apart, are reportedly dating

Singer-musical actor Kim Jun-su (35 years old) and Lovelyz member Kei (real name Kim Ji-yeon, 27 years old) are said to be in a romantic relationship.

According to a report by My Daily on August 19th, Kim Jun-su and Kei, who are under the same agency Palmtree Island, are in a romantic relationship. The two are reportedly supporting each other’s activities, relying on each other, and carefully developing their love.

Kei, a former main vocalist of Lovelyz, was recruited by Palmtree Island represented by Kim Jun-su in January. Since then, she has been carrying out activities as a musical actress. 

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At the time the announcement of Kei signing an exclusive contract with Palmtree Island was made, the agency said, “After a long and careful discussion, we have confirmed Kei’s talent and infinite potential for her growth. We will provide full support to help her career in the future”, asking for the public’s attention and interest.

After moving to this agency, Kei has appeared in various musicals, such as “Xcalibur – Seoul Encore” and “Death Note”, together with Kim Jun-su. The two are scheduled to perform together at Palmtree Island Gala concert this September.

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The age difference between Kim Jun-su and Kei is 8 years.

Kim Jun-su, who has established himself as a top musical star, is also a former idol singer. He debuted as a member of TVXQ and gained huge popularity in Korea and overseas through the promotions of TVXQ and JYJ.

Source: daum

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