Male-remale friendships of YG stars that break the company’s strict rule

YG’s rules cannot affect these artists to boast their close relationships with each other. 

In the Kpop industry, each company always comes up with strict rules for their artists. As one of the three largest entertainment agencies in Korea, YG Entertainment also sets limits for their idols. In particular, YG restricts male and female idols from meeting each other in order to avoid dating. However, many idols under YG have disregarded this ban and stayed close friends. 

Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Mino (WINNER) are very close even though YG has a rule that restricts interactions between male and female idols
Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Mino (WINNER) are very close even though YG has a rule that restricts interactions between male and female idols 

Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Seunghoon (WINNER)

Recently, fans have been beyond thrilled with Seunghoon’s new Instagram updates with Lisa. The male idol shared a video of him dancing to “Dancin” (Krono Remix) with Lisa at YG building. He makes fans laugh by giving himself a new nickname, Leesa. The two have received many compliments for their awesome dancing skills shown through a short 17-second video. 

Lisa and Seunghoon dance together to Dancin.
Lisa and Seunghoon dance together to Dancin.

In a previous post uploaded by Seunghoon, the two main dancers of WINNER and BLACKPINK took social media by storm by dancing side by side to Lisa’s smash hit MONEY. Their cute and funny interaction melts fans’ hearts. 

Lisa and Seunghoon did the MONEY dance challenge together
Lisa and Seunghoon did the MONEY dance challenge together 

Regardless of YG’s strict rules, Lisa still stays close to her male senior. In fact, Lisa and Seunghoon have been close since they attended the 2017 Korea Music Festival. Behind the scenes of the festival, the two went head to head at a game machine. 

Lisa and Seunghoon battled it out in a game

Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Mino (WINNER)

In BLACKPINK and WINNER, not only Lisa Seunghoon are close, but Mino – Jennie are also a popular duo of besties. Mino recently received a gift from his female junior. The main rapper of BLACKPINK family sent Mino a gift box of Jentle Garden – a collection she collaborated with Gentle Monster. To thank her, Mino posted a photo of the gift on his Instagram story and tagged Jennie. However, fans quickly noticed that he misspelled Jennie’s name. After that, Mino deleted the story and posted it again.

Mino expressed his gratitude to Jennie on Instagram

Mino – Jennie used to be shipped together by fans seeing how close they are. But looking at the adorable two shots of this duo of rappers, most fans agree that Mino and Jennie give off playful sibling vibes more than a romantic couple. 

In addition, the two often interact with each other on social media and encourage each other by posting cheering stories when the other makes a comeback. Mino is often known as “the only male idol who can be on Jennie’s Instagram”. When Mino held a solo concert, Jennie also came to cheer for her senior enthusiastically.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) and the Kwon Twins

Famous for her cute and sociable personality, Rosé easily makes friends with many people from idols to dancers. If you are a longtime BLACKPINK fan, many people will know that Rosé is very close to the Kwon Twins duo. Accompanying each other in many stages is also what helps Rosé and the twin dancers have a beautiful friendship. The Kwon Twins brothers are also attracted by the cuteness of the female idol.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Seungyoon (WINNER)

Jisoo and Seunghoon have known each other before BLACKPINK debuted. The two also starred together in Producers, a drama aired in 2015. The two YG idols attracted the audience with their outstanding looks and chemistry when acting. The cute moments of the star couple are also shared by many people. To this day, the two still maintain a closeness that many admire.


The close relationship between WINNER and BLACKPINK reminds many people of 2NE1BIGBANG once. In the past, YG‘s two popular 2nd Gen groups made fans excited many times because of their closeness and intimacy like a family. The members of BIGBANG and 2NE1 did not hesitate to express their love for each other when appearing in public.

Despite working within the strict framework of an entertainment company, YG‘s idols make people admire them for breaking the rule. Besides, the fans can also feel the warmth because the idols love and cherish each other like brothers and sisters.

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