It’s only when 2NE1 is gone that Korean netizens feel sorry for a talented but unlucky girl group

Netizens are now remember the so-called ephemeral career of 2NE1.

Referring to 2nd generation Kpop idols, netizens can never forget the name 2NE1 – the talented girl group of YG Entertainment. Debuting in 2009 and impressing with unique concepts that did not follow the pattern of girl groups of the same generation, 2NE1 quickly gained a solid position in the hearts of fans around the world.

Many people still remembered 2NE1’s heyday with a series of hits like “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, “Go Away”, and “Come Back Home”. It can be said that 2NE1 is a big name in digital music charts. Despite not being famous for their beauty or visuals, 2NE1 was still one of the top groups in Korea with their unique music. Up to now, there have not been any girl groups that have strong personalities like 2NE1.

2NE1 disband

2NE1’s career was on the verge of collapse due to Park Bom’s scandal. After that was a series of trouble that even a big company like YG could not handle the situation. Sadly, only when 2NE1 became a memory did Korean netizens realize how much they had just lost a talented girl group. Even their junior group of the company, BLACKPINK now has a very high brand value, but can not compare to the influence of 2NE1 back then.

– BLACKPINK is doing good now, but 2NE1’s debut with “I Don’t Care” was legendary.

– Miss 2NE1 too, they disbanded so suddenly.

– That day 2NE1 was the girl group I loved. That is an unforgettable memory. BLACKPINK can not be compared to half of 2NE1’s reputation in the past.

– Now I realize that how flawlessly they performed on stage. I miss them so much.

– 2NE1’s songs are the best. Looking at today’s girl groups makes me miss them so much …
And you, do you miss 2NE1?

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