BLACKPINK’s touching message for “Dear Earth” event: “We are not powerless”

BLACKPINK touched the hearts of people around the world with their meaningful messages to better the future of humankind.

Google’s “Dear Earth” event was held on October 23rd (U.S time) through Youtube Original. BLACKPINK appeared as a special speaker and delivered a speech. They drew attention by beginning with, “We wanna share an important message with you all”.

Jennie said, “We are the first generation to have grown up in the digital age, and that makes us unique. And today, we’ve united once again as we’re facing a common problem associated with the times that we live in.”

Jisoo continued the speech, “We have to be more aware of this environmental crisis. And we will work towards building a better, more equal, more sustainable world. Our Dear Earth will be in safe hands.”


Meanwhile, Lisa raised the awareness by pointing out, “The planet is warming too fast. The way things are going, there may be no planet left to save”. She also emphasized, “Our generation is far from powerless. Our voices are important to ignore.”


Rosé also said, “So our generation has to come together. We must unite and work towards this collective goal of saving the Earth. Speaking as one, we must voice our thoughts on the current state of the Earth until we can take on that responsibility ourselves.” 


After that, BLACKPINK performed “STAY,” the title song of their album [SQUARE TWO]. On the screen, beautiful scenery such as the blue sea, vast meadow, and clear sky unfolded. The theme of the song, “The anxiety that seems to leave me and the desire to be by my side,” impressed fans deeply in line with the theme of the campaign to reconsider the environmental problems of the Earth.


“Dear Earth” is a campaign designed on the theme of climate change. A number of world-class leaders and celebrities are actively doing this project, including BLACKPINK, Pope Francis, former U.S. President Barack Obama, and Google Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai. BLACKPINK’s participation is especially meaningful as they are the only K-pop artists to join in the campaign.

BLACKPINK is an ambassador for UNCOP26 (UN Climate Change Conference) and UNSDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals). In addition, it is taking the lead in various social contribution activities such as participation in various public interest campaigns and donations to recover from forest fire damage.

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