“It was a lie”… Tiktoker apologizes for accusing TripleS Kim Chae Yeon of insulting and threatening

Influencer-Tiktoker Kwang Ri, who claimed to have been bullied by TripleS Kim Chae Yeon in middle school, released an apology.

On January 19th, Kwang Ri said, “All the curses and insults that I claimed to have been sent by Kim Chae Yeon were actually pranks and lies by Kim Chae Yeon’s friends, and I already received their apology for everything”.

Triple S Kim Chae-yeon

He continued, “I made the damage claim after seeing Kim Chae Yeon in the media recently because I’ve been traumatized by this distorted story for 4 years. I would like to apologize to Kim Chae Yeon and reflect on myself. I’m sorry for raising rumors about her, who has just made the first step as an idol”.

Triple S Kim Chae-yeon

Earlier, Kwang Ri revealed that he studied in the same class with Kim Chae Yeon in the third year of middle school and suffered school bullying by Kim Chae Yeon’s gang. According to his revelation, Kim Chae Yeon insulted him with absurd remarks, such as “You’re disgusting”, and even threatened him through her friends. 

Meanwhile, Kim Chae Yeon was loved as the MC of “Boni Hani”. He was recently selected as the 4th member of the girl group TripleS, drawing attention.

Source: Nate

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