BTS J-Hope smiles brightly in latest update to fans after completing 5-week basic military training 

J-Hope, a member of BTS, radiates positive energy after completing five weeks of basic training. 

On May 24th, on the fan-artist communication platform Weverse, BTS J-Hope posted a photo update of his recent status in the army. With this, the male idol greeted his fans five weeks after completing basic military training.


He started by screaming through the text, “ARMY!!! I completed it well”, adding, “I was able to train hard because the letters and support you sent me were very helpful!!!” 

J-Hope also showed infinite affection to his fans by saying, “I will do my best for the rest of my military service and show you my best! I love you!!” 

Moreover, he surprised his fans by saying, “The cell phone is fascinating”. In response to the post, BTS RM left a comment, saying, “You worked hard, J-Hope”.


In the picture, J-Hope gave a big smile while wearing a military uniform and a beret. He saluted the camera and showed off his dignified appearance. Nonetheless, J-Hope radiates a warm aura all the same. 

Currently, J-Hope is the second BTS member to join the army. In April last year, he entered the 36th Army Recruit Training Center in Gangwon Province. 

J-Hope’s scheduled discharge date is October 17th, 2024.

Source: dispatch 

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