The recent situation of an actor couple who got married 9 years after filming a drama together

There are many people who developed into lovers after working together like HyunA – Dawn, Ryu Jun-yeol – Hyeri.

In particular, there is a high probability that co-stars will become attracted to each other because they have to immerse themselves in their characters.

Actors Park Se-young and Kwak Jung-wook, who got married around the same time as Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, also fell in love with each other after filming “School 2013”.

Last February, Park Se-young and Kwak Jung-wook promised to spend their lives together at a wedding hall in Seoul.

The agency said, “The two developed their love a few years ago after becoming friends through the drama ‘School 2013’.”

park se young kwak jung wook

The agency added, “We ask for your warm support to the two people who have protected each other like friends and lovers.”

In KBS2’s “School 2013”, which ended in 2013, Park Se-young played Song Ha-Gyeong, the vice president of the class as well as the No.1 student in the entire school, and Kwak Jung-wook took on the role of Oh Jung-ho, a problematic child who always causes trouble. Park Se-young became other students’ hero by criticizing Kwak Jung-wook, who bullied his classmate.

park se young school 2013

The two showed a growling chemistry in the work, but they got along very well personally. In an interview with News1, Kwak Jung-wook confessed, “As we are colleagues, we have a bond of sympathy and share the same concerns. I feel that she’s a good person.”

Last month, Kwak Jung-wook showed off his strong affection by posting a mirror selfie taken with Park Se-young on his Instagram.

Park Se-young is appearing as Park Seung-ha in tvN’s “Mental Coach Jegal”, while Kwak Jung-wook has been working as a coach at an acting academy since April.

kwak jung wook school 2013

Meanwhile, Park Se-young and Kwak Jung-wook are both former child actors.

Park Se-young made her acting debut in MBC’s “Inspector Park Mun-su” (2002) and started her activities in earnest with SBS’ “If Tomorrow Comes” (2011). She left a strong impression on the public through MBC’s “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol”.

Kwak Jung-wook debuted through KBS2’s “Color <Green>” (1996). Afterwards, he appeared in tvN’s “Flower Band” and OCN’s “Life on Mars”.

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