“Dr. Romantic 3” makes grand return after 3 years, teaser poster rouses excitement

Season 3 of “Dr. Romantic” will be released in April 2023, adding to the excitement of fans, who have been patiently waiting. 

“Dr. Romantic 3”, a new season for the hit medical series, “Dr. Romantic”, will return as a SBS Friday-Saturday drama in April. Along with this, the production team released a teaser poster, marking the drama’s grand comeback after 3 years. 

teacher kim 3

“Dr. Romantic”, which depicts the story of doctors at the shabby local Doldam Hospital, received great love, with both season 1 in 2016 and season 2 in 2020 exceeding the highest viewership rating of 27%.

It has become a legendary drama for many people by presenting a story full of humanism and social messages, centering around the “genius doctor” Teacher Kim. 

teacher kim 3

On the other hand, the newly-released teaser poster of “Dr. Romantic 3”, draws attention as it contains the scenery of the doctor’s office at Doldam Hospital, which is filled with warm sunlight. 

A white doctor’s gown with Teacher Kim’s name on it and props with a unique sensibility remind viewers of the familiar Doldam Hospital and Teacher Kim.

In addition to this, files related to the “Monandol Project”, which was mentioned in Season 2, can be seen, invoking curiosity among the audience. Expectations are also high, as viewers anticipate the romance and comfort that “Dr. Romantic” has never failed to provide.

Meanwhile, SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Dr. Romantic 3” will be broadcast for the first time in April, after the conclusion of “Taxi Driver 2”.

Source: wikitree

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