The actress who played Ariel was replaced by a white woman…  Controversy over racism over AI video

Recently, after the trailer release of Disney’s live-action movie ‘The Little Mermaid’, a video using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to replace the black actress in the trailer with a white one became the center of attention on SNS.

According to Forbes on September 16, a Twitter user with the ID account ‘TenGazillioinIQ’ was banned from Twitter for posting a video in which the leading actress in Disney’s live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ was replaced by a white woman.

The netizen who first introduced this video on Twitter said, “Thanks to the work of an AI scientist, we can now fix the mermaid. (The black mermaid) It was changed to a true mermaid with white skin and reddish brown hair.”

Netizens commented critically on this, saying, “This is a racist video against the Black Little Mermaid.”

The live-action version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ is a remake of the popular animation of the same name released in 1989.

This movie became a hot topic on SNS  for having black R&B singer and actor Halle Bailey as the main character Ariel. Disney released the first trailer through the fan festival ‘D23 Expo’ on the 9th.

After the trailer was released, some netizens argued, “The Little Mermaid’s original illustration features a white woman,” and protested, “Disney is obsessed with ‘PC (Political Correctness) caution’ and is damaging the original image of Ariel.” .

American online political critic Matt Walsh even argued that “from a scientific point of view, dark-skinned mermaid didn’t make sense at all.”

The argument is still receiving a lot of opinions from netizens all around the world. A comment from a netizen: “It is obvious racism to take issue with the skin color of a mermaid who only exists in mythology.

Source: dispatch

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