5 Times Jeon Somi’s “Careless SNS Use” Draws Controversies 

Jeon Somi had drawn controversies various times due to her careless SNS use

Recently, Jeon Somi received mixed reactions for responding to a tweet which curses out YG artists such as BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE. Despite her answer being deemed as a harmless joke by some fans, many still believe that Somi should be more careful with her SNS use.

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In fact, Jeon Somi has had various occasions of “careless SNS use” in the past, and these are drawing attention again after her recent controversial action. 

Liking comments mocking JYP

Back in 2018, despite being assigned as the future center of ITZY, Jeon Somi ended her contract with JYP Entertainment.

After this news was announced, fans noticed that Somi started to like various comments dismissing JYP on Instagram, such as “Good that you left JYP. You deserve better” and “the look we would never get from JYP”.

As a result, many people find Somi’s actions unacceptable, and even called her a “traitor” to the company that she spent years under. 

Praising BLACKPINK but dismissing TWICE

The female idol is also known to have once uploaded an Instagram story of the rankings on a Korean music chart to congratulate BLACKPINK’s Jennie for reaching No.1. 

jeon somi

However, the story also included TWICE, who was topping the chart up until being surpassed by Jennie, making many people angry and accusing Somi of celebrating TWICE being surpassed. 

Later on, it was also discovered that Somi unfollowed TWICE’s instagram account, adding to the criticisms she received

Liking a video comparing ENHYPEN to tampons

For their performance at the 2023 MAMA, ENHYPEN wore a white outfit with red details in order to represent a “vampire” concert. 

However, a netizen made a video comparing the outfit to tampons, gaining mixed reaction as some fans deem the joke to be insulting. As Somi was discovered to have liked this video on Instagram, she was also dragged into the controversy, with many people saying that it was insensitive of Somi to agree with contents making fun of her colleagues. 

Dismissing BIGBANG’s self-made success

Previously in an interview with Complex in 2022, Somi was asked to name GOAT (Greatest of all time) Kpop legends. Here, the female soloist mentioned 1TYM, and then began to praise music producer TEDDY, who is the head of Somi’s agency The Black Label and leader of 1TYM.

jeon somi cmt

“He made some awesome hits, and made legend K-pop groups like 2NE1 and BIGBANG and BLACKPINK”, the female idol said at the time. 

However, considering that it was G-Dragon behind 90% of BIGBANG’s hits, it was believed that by saying Teddy “made” BIGBANG, Somi is dismissing BIGBANG’s self-made success, drawing controversies.

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