Kim Jong-kook, anecdote of being deceived… “The company tricked me to save money”

Singer Kim Jong-kook revealed an anecdote that he was deceived while preparing for the release of an album in the past.

On June 2nd, Kim Jong-kook uploaded a video titled “The high notes come from the back… (Feat. Haha, KCM)” on his YouTube channel “Kim Jong-kook GYM JONG KOOK”.

Before the concert, when asked “Aren’t you going to the hair salon?”, Kim Jong-kook replied, “I had my hair straightened. From the time Turbo debuted until now, I do my hair myself except for commercials that get a lot of money. Sometimes celebrities go to salons then go to work, but Seok-bin (manager) has never had such an experience.”

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Kim Jong-kook then talked about the concert, “It’s a gift of old memories. I remember that time when I sang this song. I also remember what kind of emotion I sang this song with.”

He arrived at the concert hall. After the rehearsal, he started signing posters. Then, when the staff handed over the second album, he revealed the episode of being deceived.

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Kim Jong-kook recalled, “These (photos) weren’t originally used as jacket photos, nor were they even for the music video shooting. I was fooled. They lied to me and took these photos to save money. The costumes are what I bought in the US. At that time, I had to go to America for mastering and recording. But at that time, an employee of the company I was working with suddenly chased after me. He asked me to take pictures. For some reason, these photos appeared as album jacket photos as well as in the music video.”

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The concert guests that day were Haha and KCM. Before rehearsing with the guest, he warmed up by exercising. Seeing this, Haha scolded him, “Stop it, seriously.” Kim Jong-kook said, “Your voice will be warmed up only when your body is warmed up.”

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KCM used the interlude to convey Kim Jong-kook’s beautiful story. KCM said, “It was 20 years ago. Before I debuted, I went to a coin karaoke room with Jong-kook. Our CEO called Jong-kook, saying, ‘Jong-kook, can you take a look at him?’ I was so nervous when I tried to sing in front of the senior I always admired as a vocalist who could be considered as a textbook. However, Jong-kook tapped me on the shoulder and told me, ‘Chang-mo, just do it like that. Do your best. You’re good at singing.'”

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He continued, “Those warm words you said to me gave me a lot of strength. There was a time when I thought that I really wanted to express my gratitude, and I’ll try to express that gratitude on stage.”

Afterwards, Kim Jong-kook performed a medley of hit songs in front of the audience and wrapped up the concert successfully.

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