Kim Jae-joong Shows Tattoos On His Body, From TVXQ To Park Yoo-chun & Kim Jun-su’s Names 

Singer-actor Kim Jae-joong showed off his body tattoos

On October 26th, the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of Kim Jae-joong.

That day, TVXQ & JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong appeared and had a talk with Jo Hyun-ah. The two revealed that they happened to meet and know each other at a food stall. 

While drinking makgeolli and talking about various things, Jo Hyun-ah saw Kim Jae-joong’s tattoos so she asked, “When did you put on a tattoo?”. Surprised by the sudden question, Kim Jae-joong honestly said, “Over here, too”, then showed the ones on his shoulders, back, and abs.

In particular, Kim Jae-joong tattooed TVXQ on his back, and the English names MICKEY and JUNSU of Park Yoo-chun and Kim Jun-su on his waist. He had the TVXQ tattoo during his activities with TVXQ and added the two members’ names during JYJ activities.

After lifting his shirt to reveal the tattoos, Kim Jae-joong told Jo Hyun-ah, “You know why I’m showing these? So that your channel’s number of views increases”. Jo Hyun-ah was very happy with Kim Jae-jong’s idea.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-joong debuted as a member of TVXQ in 2003 then formed JYJ with Kim Jun-su and Park Yoo-chun after leaving SM Entertainment in 2009. He’s currently active as a solo artist and an actor. He also founded his own agency iNKODE.

Source: Wikitree

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