Kim Hye Soo overcame underwater panic disorder while filming “Smugglers”

Actress Kim Hye Soo confessed that she was worried about filming “Smugglers” underwater because of underwater panic disorder.

Kim Hye Soo played smuggler Jo Chun Ja in the crime film “Smugglers” (directed by Ryoo Seung Wan, produced by Filmmaker R & K). She met Sports Chosun in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of July 19th to explain the process of appearing in “Smugglers”.

Kim Hye-soo

Here, Kim Hye Soo said, “Kang Hye Jeong, CEO of the production company Filmmaker R & K, proposed ‘Smugglers’ by giving me its scenario. When I heard that it’s the story of haenyeo who gets caught up in smuggling in the background of the 70s, that story alone was quite interesting. After reading the scenario, I felt that the relationship between the characters was more fun.”

She confessed, “The only thing I was worried about was having to film underwater. Actually, I’m not afraid of water. Rather, I liked water so much that I did skin scuba diving as a hobby. However, during the filming of ‘The Thieves’ (directed by Choi Dong Hoon), there was a scene where I’m submerged in water in handcuffs with the car I’m riding. It was very difficult to film at that time. It is said that a panic comes when you can’t control your body. It was really scary.”

She added, “When I watched the underwater video the director showed me after receiving the offer to appear in ‘Smugglers’, the panic came. I rarely participated in underwater training before filming. Because I was filming ‘Juvenile Justice’. Just looking at the 6m underwater set gave me panic attacks, so I thought, ‘Should I stop?’ However, I was able to get out of the panic when I saw other actors doing so well. Everyone was considerate of me. ‘Smugglers’ was an amazing experience for me.”

Starring Kim Hye Soo, Yum Jung Ah, Jo In Sung, Park Jeong Min, Kim Jong Soo and Go Min Si, “Smugglers”, which will be released on July 26th, revolves around an action crime of haenyeo who gets caught up in smuggling against the background of a peaceful small sea village. Director Ryoo Seung Wan of “Veteran” and “Escape from Mogadishu” took the megaphone.

Source: Daum

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