“The Pirates 2” starring Lee Kwang-soo, EXO’s Se-hun confirmed to be released during upcoming Lunar New Year holiday

“The Pirates”, which drew 8.66 million theatergoers and marked a milestone in Korean entertainment blockbusters, will return with its second part. 

On Oct 29th, Lotte Entertainment distributor announced that the movie The Pirates: Goblin Flag, which raises expectations with fresh materials, spectacular attractions and the combination of popular actors, will be released during Lunar New Year holiday in 2022. “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” depicts the spectacular adventure of pirates who gather on the sea to find the royal treasure that disappeared without a trace.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag

This movie begins when “Moo-chi” (played by Kang Ha-neul) – the righteous army’s leader who is self-proclaimed to be Goryeo’s best swordsman – meets the pirate captain “Hae-rang” (played by Han Hyo-joo) and gets on the same boat with her due to an unexpected incident.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag

Based on interesting imaginations, “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” is expected to present satisfying action scenes as long as an interesting plot development that moves back and forth between the tense and humorous atmosphere.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag

The film features not only Kang Ha-neul and Han Hyo-joo, but also other trustworthy actors such as Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo, Chae Soo-bin, Oh Se-hun, Kim Sung-oh, Park Ji-hwan… Lee Kwang Soo will play “Mak-yi”, who dreams of becoming a pirate king one day, and Kwon Sang-woo will be “Boo Heung-soo”, a traitor seeking hidden treasures. Chae Soo-bin will take the role of the natural con artist “Hae-geum”, and Oh Se-hun will transform into the talented archer “Han-goong”. Kim Sung-oh will play Moo-chi’s right hand “Kang-seob”, and Park Ji-hwan has been cast as “Ah-gwi”, who has a strong iron fist.

The Pirates: Goblin Flag
lee kwang soo
The Pirates: Goblin Flag

Meanwhile, on the YouTube entertainment show “The Game Caterers” which aired on Aug 13th, Lee Kwang-soo announced that “The Pirates 2” would be released in 2 months. It seems that the release date of “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” has been delayed for a long time with the movie market’s downturn due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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